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It's so nice to see you here!

To see one of my first loves blossom into a well sought-after experience is fulfilling in so many ways! I hope you fall in love too.


A bit about me:

Born in Brooklyn, NY, I was introduced early on to many cultures and many people from various walks of life. Even as an introvert, I've always appreciated meeting new people for this very reason: we all have a story to tell.

I moved to Buffalo as a young girl, & became obsessed with every baking show on Food Network; Duff & Buddy were two faces I often looked forward to.

I pursued an education in pre-med, all while baking as a hobby, but it was after graduating with my Bachelors in Biology, that I realized just how much I loved creating. What started as leisure quickly evolved into a one-woman business & thus, Sugar Bomb Bakery was born.

Though it's no easy feat, it's one that I'm immensely proud of, especially as a wife, & mommy to 2 amazing children.

I'm thankful to have learned so much and to have met so many wonderful people who love my work. Providing the best of my creative self through exquisite, quality cakes and excellent service, is what I strive for with every order. Thanks for stopping by!

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